James (xxhistrionicxx) wrote,

Weekend Update....

Aren't you supposed to feel well rested and rejuvenated after a four day weekend?!

Yeah....I am fucking exhausted!

It all started Thursday night when Robert called me and said he and Daniel were at the bar around the corner from my house. Of course I agreed considering that I was not going into work on Friday. That night turned into a shit show and I woke up the next morning feeling like I wanted to die.

After I got my life in order, I made my way to Newport to meet up with Jason and Matt. We passed through about 7 bars before the night was over. Our plan was to take a shot at each bar. This was in addition to the regular cocktails. We succeeded....however I also succeeded in vomiting my guts out while walking home.

Saturday, I woke up and it was blistering hot. I live only one block from the beach so it is typically pretty nice when it comes to weather....but it was seriously unbearable. I called my neighbor Ricky (who i knew would be miserable as well and suggested that we find the closest bar with a/c. Being in a beach city, the vast majority of the bars do not have ac. The Mineshaft (a leather daddy gay bar) was the closest on the list and only two blocks from my house. DONE! We stayed there literally for like 8 hours! Then walked down the street and for some reason ended up in a Latina Lesbian dance club. It was intense. That's all I remember.

Sunday morning I awoke and met Jason, Heather, Brie and Calvin for brunch and after a few mimosas decided that it was a good idea to go to the open roof party at MESA. This proved to be a good idea because the shit was going off! Seriously...so much fun. We left around 9 and headed over to CASA. This is a new bar that isn't even technically open so you have to be on the list and shit to get in, but luckily, after a few phone calls...we got on the list. The place was great. We finished the night at Detroit with a few good night shots.

Monday morning, met a bunch of people for brunch on the peninsula. While sipping mimosas, we decided to take my boat out for a spin in the harbor. So nice! It was nice to just relax and hang out after partying hard for so many days. After the boat, we headed to Mikey's house for some fun in the pool, BBQ and badminton. Great time was had by all but I was glad to go home and try to get some sleep for work today.

Great weekend!
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