James (xxhistrionicxx) wrote,


So I just returned home on Wednesday from spending a week in Denver for work. I had never been there before but had heard it was a cool city so I was looking forward to it. i have been a little burnt out with all the travel i have been doing for the past six months, but i have always wanted to go to denver so I was excited.

Let me just tell you that i have never experienced that kind of cold. Literally...it was bone chilling. I have been to some pretty cold places in my life. I spent three months in eastern europe in the dead of winter so i thought i was pretty well prepared...but holy fuck i certainly was not.

I felt like there was no way to get warm. I was wearing every coat that I own at the same time and I was still freezing. I was literally taking taxis to just go one block!!! So it was basically costing me an additional $5.00 just to go one block away and get a coffee. It was insane.

And now on Sunday I am heading to Palm Springs for a few days. From one extreme to another!
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