James (xxhistrionicxx) wrote,

What Was I Thinking...

OK....I think that I have officially lost my mind. I just spent $9,000 on a watch!!!! Some friends of mine own a jewelry store and invited me to their holiday party at the shop tonight. This watch was calling out my name all night and i found myself walking back to look at it over and over again. My friend told me to wear the watch for a bit and I walked around the party chatting with people here and there with the watch on. Then...as I was about to leave, i was taking the watch off to give it back. I asked my friend how much it was. "It's $12,000 but i can give it to you for $9,000" he replied. All I could say was "I fucking hate you" as I handed him my card. Looks like all my loved ones are gonna get some pretty shitty gifts this year! lol
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