James (xxhistrionicxx) wrote,

What a Trip....

Well I returned from Costa Rica on Sunday. What a fucking trip. Have a few near death experiences.

First of all...I lived through the 7.6 earthquake for starters. And let me just premise this by saying that living in Los Angeles, I am well versed in earthquakes and they don't really scare me. However, that 7.6 was the craziest thing ever, It literally knocked me off my feet. I had to crawl on the ground it was shaking so hard. But I'm fine and no one was hurt around me.

Two days before the earthquake, I was caught in a flash flood about three hours into the jungle and our van started to be taken away by the river. Let me just say that it was one of the scariest experiences of my entire life. After we all were able to get out of the van safely....we were stuck there deep in the jungle. No cell phones. In the pouring rain. Finally after about two hours, some farmers came down the road in a pick-up truck and we were able to hitchhike up the road a little ways until we reached the bridge that had since been covered by a roaring river. The only way out was to walk one by one across a railroad tie across the entire river. It was the scariest shit ever. One slip and i would have fallen into the rapids and been taken down the river.

Anyways....returned home Sunday night and don't think I have ever came home from a vacation more exhausted than when I left. lol

There was some fun times though. All in all, it was a great trip. And definitely one that I won't soon forget.

Got back to work and immediately had to go into an audit which I will be in until tomorrow. I fucking hate audits.

But Im leaving for San Diego on friday for a little weekend trip with my friend Bobby who I havent seen in two years since he moved to Baltimore for work. So excited!
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